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the piano reminds me a bit of iyowa :) i love this tune

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♪ 10/29/23 -> listening to The Last Whole Earth Catalog's new album, "Do You Face The Brutal Reality?". heartbreaking acoustic guitar and deep vocals that grip at the strings that hurt the most. this is appropriate to how i feel lately HOLY SHIT IS THAT PIANO

♪ 9/1/23 -> listened to STEAKA's entire discography WHY DIDN'T I GET ON THIS BEFORE. HOLY SHIT. i will be following this producer closely

♪ 8/31/23 -> listened to Indigo De Souza's 2018 album "I Love My Mom". beautiful vocals and the lyrics are as heartwrenching as they are real. shoutout to the album name because my god, that and the album art tear me apart a little

♪ 8/14/23 -> listened to I Am Robot And Proud's 2006 album "The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing". it has such a robotic charm to it! i love the piano on the first track it's so gorgeous and then it explodes with colors; listened to SEAPOOL's 2019 EP "OK SUGAR ISSUE", such a subtle intensity to it and the screaming vocals towards the end of the EP are so powerful

♪ 8/13/23 -> listened to nobukazu takemura's 1997 album "child and magic". i can't seem to find this album on youtube, i wonder why that is...

♪ 8/11/23 -> listened to RADWIMPS' 2009 album "Arutokoroni no Teiri". music from before 2012 always rocks so hard

♪ 8/8/23 -> listened to all of picdo's UTAU originals on yt

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"Connected with you / That floating feeling / I was walking through the sky / Opening the door before anyone"

- Float Play by inabakumori